A Vita Spa is designed to deliver a complete massage just like you would receive at a massage clinic. Vita Spa incorporates a variety of massage systems into its unique designs to deliver effective, therapeutic relief. Experience the natural healing power of hydrotherapy and choose between our many jetting arrays – each utilizing specific massage techniques to satisfy your needs. Your Vita Spa utilizes different types of jets in specific configurations throughout the spa to deliver the treatments described in the menu buttons to your right.


Classic Massage

The Classic Massage uses a combination of five styles of massage to release muscle tension and promote total body relaxation. The friction and vibration assist the release of toxins from the muscles as well as stimulating the skin and nervous system. This gentle yet effective massage is achieved through select jets used in specific arrangements in your spa.

For a deeper, more intense massage, the petrissage technique is accomplished through jets providing a kneading action to effectively release muscle tension while the rhythmic tapping of the tapotement helps break up muscle knots. Cross-fiber friction spreads the muscle fibers to improve muscle and joint function, leading to increased mobility.


Effleurage Massage

Only Vita Spa uses this unique white water system to emulate the effleurage technique you would experience with a professional masseuse. The gliding action of the jets warms up the muscles – leaving them relaxed and prepared for a more intense massage.


Shiatsu Massage

The Shiatsu massage seat promotes the circulation of balanced energy by targeting areas with pinpoint water pressure. Specific points on the body are related to the central and autonomic nervous and the Shiatsu seat targets those points to increase vitality, stamina, and energy throughout.



With Vita Spa’s reflexology seats, therapy focuses on areas of the hands and feet that are believed to be related to other areas of the body, including organs, glands, and systems. Soothing these reflex points reduces tension while improving blood flow and re-establishing harmony to improve overall health.


Sports Massage

The Sports Therapy Massage combines both Swedish and Shiatsu techniques and is ideal for sore, strained muscles and joints. Focusing on specific areas of concern can stimulate the circulation of blood and break down muscle knots, known as adhesions, to increase range of motion and overall flexibility.