Maintenance & Proper Care

Congratulations on becoming the owner of a new Vita Spa! Your hot tub is a wonderful outlet for health, relaxation, and fun. We’re here to set you up for success. Use this simple step-by-step guide for the set-up and maintenance of your hot tub.


Fill your hot tub by removing the filter cartridge from the cartridge area and inserting the hose into the opening.

Be sure to turn on all pumps before adding any chemicals and allow the water temperature to reach at least 78-80 degrees.

Add 2-4 Tbs of your sanitizer of choice.


  • Never use Trichlor chlorine tabs or granules.
  • When adding chemicals, dissolve them in a bucket of water separately before adding to spa water.

Add 4 Tbs of non-chlorine spa shock oxidizer.

Test your water with test strips. If your PH is too high, add 1 Tbs of PH Down. Test your water after 20 minutes and add additional pH down depending on what the test strip indicates.

Leave cover open at least half-way for the full pump cycle so that the chemical gases are not trapped under the cover.

Always run all pumps for at least 20 minutes with cover off after adding chemicals and wait at least on full hour before using hot tub.

Weekly Schedule

After your initial start-up, you can move to a weekly schedule. Remember to always turn all the pumps on for 30 seconds and then test your water using test strips before adding chemicals as necessary. Always adjust PH and ALK first.

Add 2-4 Tbs of your sanitizer of choice every 3-5 days to maintain adequate readings.

Adjust sanitizer if reading is 0 by adding 2-4 Tbs at a time.

Continue to use non-chlorine shock oxidizer once a week OR after heavy use. Add 3-5 Tbs at a time.

To lower PH, add 1 teaspoon of PH Down and wait 20 minutes to check. Repeat as necessary.

If water is cloudy, make necessary chemical adjustments and wait 24-48 hours for water to circulate and clarity to return.

Ongoing Maintenance

To ensure your hot tub performs best, ongoing maintenance instructions are listed below.

Drain and refill every 3-6 months. Follow Start-Up steps after refill.

Perform a deep clean of the filter system every month by removing cartridges and hosing them off. We recommend using filter cleaner and having a second set of filters to rotate for longer cartridge life.

Replace large filter every 18-24 months or as needed.

Apply 303 Protectant monthly to your cover and your cabinet. Remember to first clean your cover using a mild soap and water before applying 303.

Change your UV bulb every year.

We also highly recommend a cover for your spa to protect it.

Possible Causes & Potential Solutions

Cloudy Water

Possible Cause (PC): Inadequate filtration or dirty filter.
Potential Solution (PS): Check that the filter is securely attached. Clean or replace the filter.

PC: Water is not balanced.
PS: Shock water with Non-Chlorine and add sanitizer of choice to get the ppm up to 1-3.

PC: Unfiltered particles or chemically saturated water.
PS: Use Water Clarifier to combine particles so the filter can pick it out or drain the spa (then clean filter after 24 hours), clean and refill. UV bulb must be changed annually.

Chemical Odor

PC: Buildup of chloramines/bromamines (by product sanitizer) in the water.
PS: Shock water with Non-Chlorine shock or drain and refill.

Musty Odor

PC: Not enough sanitizer in water, bacteria present in water.
PS: Add spa sanitizer of choice to reach a reading of 1-3 ppm and also use Non-Chlorine shock. Re-adjust sanitizer level as necessary.


PC: High concentration of body oils, lotions, or soaps as well as excessive contaminates.
PS: Use spa defoamer and adjust pH and sanitizer levels as necessary. Or drain, clean, and refill.

PC: Low or Zero Total Hardness (Calcium) causing milky water.
PS: Raise Total Hardness (Calcium) level to 150-400 ppm.

Green Water-Algae

PC: Low sanitizer level or high pH.
PS: Make any needed adjustments using pH Up or Alkalinity Up or pH/Alkalinity down. Add spa sanitizer of choice as necessary.

Erratic pH Test Color

PC: Sanitizer level is too high.
PS: Test pH level again when sanitizer level is below 5 ppm. Drain half of hot tub water and refill.

Corrosion or Appearance of Rust

PC: Low pH level.
PS: Adjust with pH Up or Alkalinity Up.

Failure to Get Sanitizer Reading

PC: Sanitizer level is too low.
PS: Add spa sanitizer of choice until sanitizer level tests in recommended range.

PC: Algae present.
PS: Dirty water will consume the sanitizer as soon as it is added. Add more sanitizer of choice until test stays in recommended range. Or drain, clean, and refill.

PC: If test strip remains “white” even after sanitizer is added, sanitizer level is extremely high.
PS: Refer to Too Much Sanitizer section below.

Too Much Sanitizer

PC: Too much sanitizer added or dispensed into the hot tub.
PS: Activate jets with air control open. Allow jets to run for 30 minutes. Test water with a test strip to see if desired level has been reached. Do not use hot tub until sanitizer level registers below 5ppm.
PS: Drain 1/2 spa and refill.

Eye and Skin Irritation

PC: Contaminants or excessive amount of chloramines/bromamines in water.
PS: Shock water with Non-Chlorine shock. Adjust sanitizer level.

PC: pH level is low
PS: Adjust pH level as needed with pH & Alkalinity Up

Overheating Water in Your Spa

Potential Cause: Summer temperatures could be making your hot tub water too hot
Potential Solutions: Your spa is manufactured with energy-efficient components and systems that capture heat generated by the equipment, then transfer that heat back to the spa water. In warmer weather, or in situations with extended run times, Thermal Creep may occur.

Thermal Creep: a condition whereby the actual water temperature is higher than the set temperature. To manage Thermal Creep, you can:

Vent your cover. Newer covers have removable center seal padding. To remove this padding, open the Velcro on one side of the vinyl pouch and slide out the white padding.
If your spa does not have removable center seal padding, you may instead place a folded cloth about 3/4” (2cm) thick under all four corners of the cover before you lock it down.
Open the cover at night to quickly cool down the water if needed.

FUN TIP: Fill 3 or 4 empty gallon milk jugs with water and freeze them. Place them in your hot tub a few minutes before you want to use it. This will cool it down several degrees relatively quickly. After you are done, put them back in the freezer so they are ready for your next soak.

For any other questions about how to properly care for your product, download the Owner's Manual for more in-depth instructions.