Massage Therapy

Vita Spa products feature a variety of jets and configurations to deliver a personalized massage that provides complete relaxation and recovery.

Massage Techniques

Finger pressure, or Shiatsu massage, focusses on the accupressure points of the body for relief of aches and pains. The small, finger-sized jets are placed along these pressure points for a targeted massage. 
Circular Massage
This is also called a cross fiber massage. Special jets create a circular or "cross fiber" treatment unlocking stiff and tired muscles to relieve stress and increase mobility.
Effluerage is both relaxing and healing. This treatment uses powerful streams of water directed upwards along the back toward vital organs. Combinng this with direct pressure jets creates an incredible healing massage.
The word Petrissage means kneading. The rotating jets in Vita Spas creates kneading motion relieving tension and pain locked deep in the muscles. 
Tapotement is a rhythmic tapping massage using the edges of the hands or light pressure of the palms. Jets send pulsating streams of water promoting blood flow and circulation to help relieve pain and stiffness. 
Reflexology targets the nerve endings in the hands and feet that are connected to the entire body. Effectively massaging these areas is one of the keys to complete relaxation. 
Champagne Air
Champagne Air is a softer tissue massage using bubbles to caress sensitive sore muscles, help remove toxin build up, and relax the entire body.