Immerse yourself in peaceful warm water and enjoy the relaxing light of AquaGlo™.  Let the flow of water cascade around you while a brilliant exhibition of lighting features relax and rejuvenate.  This feeling is called chromatherapy.  AquaGlo™ is a combination of water and light enhancements that truly differentiate the 700 and 500 Series models from an average spa.  The following features are components of AquaGlo™.

Exclusive Features

WiFi Connectivity

Superior Sound

Truly In Control

Our control pad allows you to turn on your spa and control heat and jets, all with a simple touch. It doesn’t stop there; the advanced technology provides you with many key features to enhance the use of your spa. Features such as our reversible display allow you to reverse the orientation of your spa panel for easy readability from the inside or outside of your spa, with a simple touch of your finger. You can even program the exact day and time of filtration and heat. Our control lockout feature ensures that your spa settings stay yours.


A Powerful Duo

An advanced, state of the art spa controller provides the ultimate in ease of use, safety and reliability for every spa user. The Powerpack with M7 Technology is a revolutionary new hardware/software platform that completely eliminates mechanical sensor switches and remote through-wall temperature sensors. The M7 platform features two identical solid state sensors that mount inside the heater manifold. These “Smart Sensors” accurately and reliably measure water temperature while monitoring critical water conditions without the possibility of failure due to mechanical switch malfunction

Pump-1Vita Spa hot tubs utilize industrial duty 56 frame pumps in all of their 240 Volt models. The 56 frame motor is larger, more powerful and delivers higher water flow for better jet performance than the 48 frame motors found in most spas. They also run cooler for longer life and have lower amp draw for lower operating costs.