SwimSpa Series

XF2 Silver Marble Resort Gray

Number of Seatings: 4 to 5 people
Number of Jets: 25
Internet SKU: VS020007
Model number: XF2VRG

MSRP* USD$ 0.00

Product information

Key Benefits

The XF2 is the smallest swim spa in the Vita Spa line, designed for smaller spaces. There is still plenty of room to take part in superior low impact exercise that will have your body feeling strong. Then, when your workout is complete, sit back and recover with a relaxing massage.

Optimize your workout in the XF2 by including the Exercise Kit and Pneumatic Power Oars for a full exercise experience.

Standard XF2 features include:
25 Hydrotherapy Jets
4 Turbo Swim Jets
4 Aurora Cascades

Attribute Set

  • Shape : Rectangular
  • Seating : 4 to 5 people
  • Panel Material : Ecologically Friendly Recycled Panels
  • Control System : M8 Technology
  • Insulation System : Northern Exposure System
  • Substructure : Steel Frame
  • Lounger : No


  • Swim Lane
  • Massage Seat
  • Rowing Seat

Technical Specifications


Maximum Water Capacity
1127.00 G
Exact Height
Exact Width
Exact Length
Approximative Weight


Pumps (North America)

Pump 1
3.0Hp/6.0bHp, 2Sp
Pump 2
3.0Hp/6.0bHp, 2Sp

Amps (North America)


Pumps (International)

Pump 1
3.0Hp/6.0bHp, 2Sp
Pump 2
3.0Hp/6.0bHp, 2Sp

Amps (International)

230V, 50Hz, 1x25A